Intellectual Property

Chairman at ground breaking ceremony

China ACM's intellectual property (IP) and its ability to provide unique specialty concrete and related engineering services are primary drivers of its success and future growth opportunity. Construction materials companies are under extreme pressure to respond quickly to industry demands, with new designs and product innovations that support rapidly changing market and regulatory requirements. China ACM’s management team, advisors and key personnel have significant engineering and technical expertise. In combination with continued research and development, China ACM has been able to develop and introduce new innovative products that incorporate the latest technologies, materials and chemical engineering processes.

China ACM Intellectual PropertyChina ACM is differentiated by its scale, which enables it to bid on large and highly complex projects, its IP, and its ability to respond rapidly to changing industry trends and client needs. The Company has four patents related to its chemical admixture components, chemical and material science and workflow production processes. China ACM’s IP enables it to produce a wide range of RMC blends with various properties required by specific projects and conditions. China ACM's patents have numerous applications across the business for chemical mixtures, processes and applications and were filed as a patent portfolio strategically, to further strengthen its IP protection.

China ACM is proud of its R&D center and its partnership with the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing. The Company is actively developing additional IP and plans to expand its patent portfolio in the coming years.

Honors & Certifications

China ACM is one of only 10 companies in China that are certified by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The Company has received many noteworthy awards, honors and certifications for its top quality products and services in the construction industry. Below are just a few:

The Certificate of Harm & Poison Free (Green) Indoor Decoration   Building Materials Issued China Association of Decoration & Building Materials
China Construction Industry Association Certification High performance concrete and pumping technology for lightweight concrete
ISO Certified ISO9001, IS14001, ISO28001
Patents Four patents and trade secrets R&D compartmentalized to protect IP

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Certifcate for Enviroment (WSC) Certificate for China Enviroment Label product Certificate for Enviromentallly Friendly Decoration Material for Xin Ao issued by China Association of Construction Building Materials Certificate for High-tech Company
Certificate for Professional Health and Safety (WSC) Certificate for Quality Management System(WSC) Company Credit for Xin AO Membership Certificate of Beijing Energy-Saving and Comprehensive Resource Utilization Association
Patent license for Pressurized light aggregate prewetted equipment Patent License for C100 High performance concrete Patent license for Compound mineral mixture Patent license for concrete ingredient processing method and equipment