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China ACM’s Industry Statistics page is a resource presenting public information and other relevant materials for those seeking news and information about the Company and the industry.

China ACM in the News:

South China Morning Post
"Challenges for the foreign investor in infrastructure"
Despite huge state spending, the mainland's infrastructure market remains fraught with difficulty for foreign investors...
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China Economic Review
"Private potential: Ready-mix concrete"
With the 2004 implementation of Decree 341, China banned all on-site concrete production in 200 cities nationwide…
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Industry Statistics:

"Yuan Bond Sales Hit Record Led by Railways as Spreads Narrow: China Credit"
China’s plans to lay twice as much high-speed track as the rest of the world combined . . .

"Large cement companies set to cash in"
Large cement makers will benefit from industry consolidation as China accelerates the phasing out of energy-wasting and outdated production capacity . . .

Salon Media Group, Inc.
"The Silver Lining in the Great China Traffic Jam"
As a metaphor for everything that is wrong with pell-mell hydrocarbon-fueled industrial development, the massive Chinese traffic jam . . .

"Urbanization expected to fuel economy"
Accelerated urbanization can keep the country’s economy on the fast track for another 15 to 20 years . . .

People’s Daily Online
"Beijing subway investment to hit 331 billion yuan by 2015"
Beijing's total investments in its subway system are projected to be more than 331.2 billion yuan by 2015 as the city expands the system…

HSBC Global Research
China Infrastructure Construction and Cement
Stock prices are not reflecting the potential for China’s pump-priming to lift infrastructure demand and earnings…

CIBC world markets
In 2009 CIBC world markets did a study reporting that global infrastructure spending will be the backbone and engine for global economic growth over the twenty year span from 2010 to 2030. The study estimated that $35 trillion will be spent on infrastructure growth. OECD recently revised the statistics to $70 trillion. CG/LA LLC, estimated that 28% ($19.88trillion) will be spent by China.

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