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China ACM currently operates from a 477,928 square-foot headquarters facility located in Beijing. This facility features a sophisticated and industry leading infrastructure, including computerized monitoring, production testing and quality control systems for all production activities. This facility is capable of operating on a 24/7 basis to meet maximum capacity requirements during peak construction periods.

Beijing Fixed Plants (Concrete Sales)

#1 Santaishan
#2 Yucheng
#3 Jingshoujian
#4 Huacheng

Portable Plants - as of September 30, 2010 (Manufacturing Services)

Line Description
#1 Guangdong Zhaoqing Guizhou-Guangdong
#2 Guangxi Yongfu Hunan-Guangxi
#3 Damatang
#4 Pingguo a
#5 Pingguo b
#6 Hebei Lulong Tianjin-Qinhuangdao
#7 Funing
#8 Zhejiang Ningbo Hangzhou-Ningbo
#9 Zhejiang
Shangyu a Hangzhou-Ningbo
#10 Shangyu b
#11 Yuyao
#12 Zhuji a* Hangzhou-Changsha
#13 Zhuji b*
#14 Xiaoshan*
#15 Liaoning Panjin Panjin-Yingkou
#16 Anhui Wuhu a Nanjing-Anqing
#17 Wuhu b
#18 Wuhu c
#19 Shaanxi Weinan Datong-Xi’an
#20 Jiangxi Yujiang a** Yingtan-Nanchang
#21 Yujiang b**
#22 Dongxiang**
#23 Jinxian a**
#24 Jinxian b**
#25 Jinxian c**
*Already contracted now in trial production with plant assembly completion expected in Q2 FY2011
**Already assembled awaiting project contract for trial production

Technical Services Plants (Technical Services)

#1 Sichuan – Mianyang
#2 Shanxi – Datong

Delivery Fleet (Mixer Rentals)

China ACM FacilitiesAs of September 30, 2010, China ACM has a fleet of 119 transit mounted concrete mixers, 18 pump trucks, and access to an additional 55 concrete mixer and three pump truck vehicles for lease in Beijing. The Company also has access to 44 transit mounted concrete mixers and four pump trucks for lease at its portable stations to meet specific project requirements. The Company anticipates delivery of an additional 40 transit mounted concrete mixers and five pump trucks to its fleet in Beijing in the first half of fiscal year 2011 in tandem with the retiring of 24 transit mounted concrete mixers and one pump truck in use since the company's founding in 2002.