Olympic Green Convention Center

Concrete is the most widely used man-made product in the world. It also has the largest carbon emissions footprint of any industry. When making concrete production eco-friendly, it significantly contribution to lessens environmental impact – more so than any other industry.

China ACM’s high performance, eco-friendly RMC uniquely positions the Company to capitalize on the proliferation of increasingly stringent green standards in China. The Company created the first and only low carbon emission footprint for China – which was recognized by the Ministry and was the first out of only 10 companies recognized. China ACM was also issued the NDRC certificate for comprehensive efficient use of raw materials. The Company is committed to leading the industry with:

China ACM Environmental
  • High-quality and customized “green” ready-mix
    concrete that uses 30% recyclable materials
  • Streamlined, efficient production and processes using
    minimal energy with low emissions
  • Sealed delivery methods that minimize dust and air
  • Advanced proprietary chemical engineering required to
    produce its 100-year patented RMC with recycled
    materialsversus the 50-year standard
  • Flexible production sites located outside of city centers
    to lessen the urban and transportation environmental